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Elaia in the Press: Bistro offerings complement hospital’s mission of health and wellness

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Check out this great article about Bistro Elaia:

There were two driving forces behind Bistro Elaia — the name comes from the Greek word for “olive,” by the way, a nod to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. First was to walk the talk, so to speak. The Colorado Center’s mission is to promote health and prevent disease by reducing obesity and the rates of weight-related chronic diseases. A restaurant that serves delicious, healthy dishes is an important complement to classes and cooking workshops that emphasize sustainable nutritional choices.

The second factor was the location of the Anschutz Campus. The former Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center site east of Denver was very nearly a food desert before the opening of the university teaching hospital and research facilities in 2008. Fitzsimmons had been decommissioned in 1999, leaving decreasing demand for eateries in the area for nearly a decade…

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